Chicken Wings

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Pack size: 1 kg

(Approximately 25 to 30 chicken wings)

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Chicken wings for dogs

Our chicken wings contain no additives or preservatives – they are 100% chicken and bone. Made in Australia and available in 1 kilogram pantry packs.

Chicken wings are part of our range of dehydrated dog treats, and they are a great source of protein as well as a dental chew. You can help to maintain healthy teeth and gums in your dog by giving them a dental chew each day. The mechanical action of chewing disrupts plaque from accumulating, and it also stimulates saliva production, which contains anti-bacterial agents to help fight gingivitis.

They are suitable for dogs of all sizes – small dogs may make a meal of it, while larger dogs are likely to crunch them up. Dehydration removes the moisture content so they stay fresh longer, while keeping the natural flavour that dogs love.

Pack size: 1 kg (approximately 25 to 30 chicken wings)

If your dog loves chicken wings, they might also enjoy beef flap.

For larger dogs, we recommend Roo Chews or beef steer pizzles.

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