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Chicken Twiggy Soft Sticks, 13cm long and approximately 10mm diameter, approximately 70 to 80 pieces per Bag, suitable for all breeds of dogs and any age

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Chicken Twiggy Soft Sticks are chewy, 100% Australian made in a bulk pack that are easy to break into pieces, packed with protein, essential vitamins and minerals, suitable for all breeds of dogs of any age.

Dogs benefit in so many ways from chewing on natural meaty chews. It helps to put them in a calmer, relaxed state of mind, and exercises their jaws and their mind. If you would like your dog to settle down at night so you can spend some quality couch time together, an entertaining treat such as chicken sticks are a great option. They also make an ideal bedtime treat, which so many dog owners love to give their best friend.

Roo Sticks

  • 75% chicken breast meat.
  • Protein 59%
  • Salt < 0.1%
  • Fibre 8%
  • Fat 2%
  • Other ingredients; Potato Starch, vegetable powder, natural humectant, canola oil, carmine, added vitamins + minerals mix
  • Nutritional information average per 100 gram

Your dog deserves the best, order some Chicken twiggy stick today!

When you are looking for the best treats for your best friend, look no further than our premium range of dehydrated dog treats. We have sourced the best quality treats to take the hard work away and we only sell treats that we feed to our own dogs.

These natural dog treats are sure to be a favourite. Our tester dog couldn’t take his eyes off the packet while we were doing the product photos.

With our range of healthy natural dog treats, you can be sure you’re only giving your dog the best. If your dog loves these, they might also enjoy Roo training Treats or Pork Tendons. For larger dogs, we recommend Beef Tendon  or beef steer pizzles.

All photos are of typical products and should act as a guide only. As all of our products are natural, each is unique and therefore will vary in size, shape & colour. We always recommend that you treat your dog like a toddler and supervise them against the risk of choking or misadventure when giving them chew toys or treats.

Pack size;  1kg bulk pack of approximately 70 to 80 pieces

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