Black Dog Treat Pouch

$35.00 inc GST


Black Dog Treat Pouch

The Black Dog Treat Pouch – when only the best will do.

We’ve all used a treat pouch that’s hard to reach into, or that spills treats everywhere the moment a dog sniffs it or when you bend over to pick up their ball. When you’re training your dog with food rewards, you need to be quick about rewarding the right behaviours.

The Black Dog Treat Pouch has a wide mouth so you can easily access your dog’s favourite treats, and the deep design holds treats securely inside when you run and bend and move about. It also has a magnetic clasp to keep your puppy treats secure, even from the nosiest of dogs at the dog park.

The Black Dog Treat Pouch is 15cm wide, 18cm high and 6cm deep. It is a great design that sits comfortably and securely on your hip without feeling bulky.

A compartment for everything

There is a separate internal pocket for higher value rewards for when your dog does something truly fantastic. The front mesh pocket is an ideal size for a ball or a toy, and it allows air to circulate and helps prevent any build up of bacteria. The 2 small side pockets are for Poo Bags or perhaps a clicker. Keep your phone and keys safe in the rear zippered security pocket.

There are no mechanical parts to jam or rust. It can be regularly washed to keep it fresh and clean over a long working life.

Available in: Red, Black, Blue and Pink

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