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Black Dog Haltermate

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Black Dog Haltermate

The Haltermate is Black Dog’s second-generation figure-8 halter. It is easier to fit and adjust, yet keeps all the great features which made the original comfortable and effective. It sits securely and will not ride up into your dog’s eyes, and the lead attaches at the back.

The Haltermate is essentially a Flat Collar with a Martingale Loop and Noseband attached. Your lead is clipped at the back of the dog’s neck, so it feels just like a normal collar and the noseband only tightens when the dog pulls. This gives a very clear On/Off signal, so your dog will respond quickly and learn quickly.

Dogs who pull on the lead are behaving instinctively, but they can cause themselves (and their handlers) injury. We recommend training your dog to walk on a loose leash. The Haltermate is extremely effective at calming a pulling, boisterous dog, without the need for harsh corrections or gruff training techniques. When combined with the right technique, the Haltermate transforms the most persistent puller into a well-mannered companion.


  • Size 1 – Mini
  • Size 2 – Small
  • Size 3 – Medium
  • Size 4 – Large

Important: If your dog fits between 2 sizes, generally select the smaller size, unless you are fitting a growing dog, in which case you might go for the larger size to allow for future growth.

Check your dog’s neck measurement against the chart below, to select the appropriate size.

Training Halter Size Min (cm) to Max (cm)
Mini 24 (cm) to 36 (cm)
Small 28 (cm) to 40 (cm)
Medium 35 (cm) to 53 (cm)
Large 40 (cm) to 65 (cm)

Colour: Black

Fitting the Haltermate is simple…

  • Adjust the Neck Strap to fit (a snug fit high on the neck is best).
  • Buckle the Neck Strap.
  • Then wrap the noseband 1…2…3 (see picture below)
  • Attach a lead, and your dog is ready to go.

When first introducing your dog to a training halter, we recommend using a double-ended lead so that your dog is secure and to allow you to desensitise your dog to the halter. If you need help teaching your dog to walk nicely on the lead, you might be interested in our dog training services.