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Black Dog Connector Strap

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Connector Strap

The Black Dog Connector Strap provides great backup security when using a training halter to walk your dog.

When training your dog to walk calmly on a lead in public, the last thing you want is for your dog to unexpectedly escape from their halter and start playing “catch me if you can.”

Some dogs can manage to escape from any halter or harness. Since the lead is attached to the halter, such an escape can be quite frightening and frustrating. The connector strap is recommended to help prevent those “Houdini dogs” from effecting their escape. It forms a link from the halter to your dog’s usual collar. So long as your dog is wearing his collar, he will remain attached to the lead at all times.

Lightweight and easy to attach, the connector strap offers peace of mind so that you can focus on your training and enjoy walking your dog.

Recommended for use with the Black Dog training halter.

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