Beef Trachea (pack of 10)

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Pack of 10 Beef Trachea dog treats

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Beef Trachea are an excellent treat for your best friend. Made from 100% cow trachea (windpipe), they are free from any nasties such as additives and preservatives. Beef Trachea natural dog treats are sourced from top quality meat which is air dried to create the freshest product and amplifying the flavour profile to make it utterly irresistible.

Your dog will drool over these treats, and better still, once he has had a good chew on Beef Trachea, he is less likely to snack on your furniture.

The cartilage creates a hollow chewy tube approximately 15 cm long. Beef Trachea is a delicious treat on its own; or you can also stuff them with raw meat or natural yogurt (or other healthy wet ingredients) and freeze them for an even longer-lasting treat. Give it a go!

Product of Australia. Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Beef.

With our range of healthy natural dog treats, you can be sure you’re only giving your dog the best.