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Beef Tendon, 30 – 40cm’s Long, between 20 & 30 pieces per 1kg bag

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Beef Tendon  (30 – 40cm long) similar to our Beef Straps but harder to chew (as used at Puppy School)

Our Premium Beef Tendon Treats are crafted from 100% Australian beef, guaranteeing a wholesome and natural choice for your furry friend. With a commitment to purity, these treats contain no additives or preservatives, ensuring only the best for your dog. Each tendon averages 35 centimetres in length, offering a satisfying chew for dogs of all sizes.

Please note, our current stock is slightly thinner than previous offerings and are a little harder, with the photos accurately reflecting the current product you will receive.

A favourite among canines, our Beef Tendon has quickly become our top-selling chew treat. They offer a more substantial chewing experience compared to our beef flaps, providing a longer-lasting challenge even for the most enthusiastic chewers. In fact, the treat showcased in our photo kept Red Dog happily occupied for 30 minutes. For the ultimate chewers, we also recommend our Beef Steer Pizzles, designed to satisfy even the strongest jaws.

Indulge your pet with our Premium Beef Tendon Treats, the perfect blend of quality, nutrition, and enjoyment.

. For even stronger chewers, we recommend our Monster Bully Sticks.

Product of Australia.

Pack size: 1kg

  • Low Scent
  • 100% Australian Produce
  • 100% Australian Made
  • 100% Natural
  • 1 kg bag, between 20 & 30 pieces per 1kg bag as they vary in thickness and length
  • No added Ingredients
  • No artificial colouring
  • No Added Chemicals or Preservatives

Our Beef Tendons are made from premium Australian beef, laid flat and dried naturally, producing a treat dogs love!

Use as a teeth cleaning chew or cut into smaller pieces for a great training treat or reward. High in protein, low in fat.

This product is dried, NOT COOKED. Drying treats reduces the moisture content, concentrating flavour and increasing shelf life.

When you care about the quality of the treats you give your best friend, you can be sure that we’ve sourced the highest quality beef Straps we could find.  If your dog is a strong chewer and loves these, you might also like to try Monster Bully Chews!  they might also enjoy Kangaroo Strips or Goat Pizzles 

These natural dog treats are sure to be a favourite. Our tester dog couldn’t take his eyes off the packet while we were doing the product photos.

With our range of healthy natural dog treats, you can be sure you’re only giving your dog the best.

All photos are of typical products and should act as a guide only. As all of our products are natural, each is unique and therefore will vary in size, shape & colour. We always recommend that you treat your dog like a toddler and supervise them against the risk of choking or misadventure when giving them chew toys or treats.