What date do the courses start?

Our Group Obedience website has full details of course locations and start dates.

When you book into a course, you will be signing up for the next scheduled running of that course.

Age limitations

Group obedience training is for dogs from 5 months of age, with no upper age limit.

Obedience for life

When you enrol your dog into one of our obedience courses, this includes our Obedience for Life program. After the initial three-week course, your dog is welcome to return to unlimited additional classes at no additional cost – for the life of the dog.

That means your dog can keep coming to training until they are performing at a level that you want. When dogs reach adolescence, their behaviour often becomes more challenging – this is a great time to invest in more training. Any time your dog could do with some refresher training or troubleshooting any obedience issues that arise.

Why do we offer this? Because obedience isn’t just sit, drop, stay. Obedience training is what helps you develop a bond and allows you to do more with your dog every day.

Do you want:

  • walks that are pleasant
  • to go to dog-friendly cafes and beaches
  • non-blurry photographs
  • less “NO!” and more “Yes!”
  • more safety in emergencies

Training is an ongoing process, and your dog is ALWAYS learning. Our group obedience course will teach you how to ensure your dog is learning the RIGHT things that will help to make every day with your dog a pleasure, not a chore.

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