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Poo, the Dog’s Watching Us

dog in park

As dog lovers and dog guardians, we have all experienced our dogs watching us intently as they poop.

There are many theories as to why our dogs do this. They are not simply trying to enjoy the moment with you or looking at you out of embarrassment wishing you wouldn’t watch in what we believe should be a very private moment. Nor are they looking at you as if you are their slave, knowing that you will have to pick it up and dispose of it.

Dogs are instinctual and visual animals that are very tuned in to their environment

They must be aware of their surroundings and any dangers to ensure their survival. Dogs are at their most vulnerable while defecating because they are not in a position to engage in fight or flight responses to danger. They are very aware of their vulnerability and therefore look to the pack and watch their body language for any signs or signals of approaching danger.

Another reason your dog may gaze at you while taking care of his business is that you may have trained him to go in a specific place by rewarding him for doing so. Therefore in this case it may simply be looking for its reward for doing the right thing as you have taught it.

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