Understand & Help Your Best Friend
by Teaching Them Our World

Dog training is for humans too!

We teach you to communicate
effectively with your best friend!

When your dog understands what behaviours are acceptable, they are able to be included in more everyday activities… in turn, they will thrive from the increasing levels of interaction they receive.

We are specialists in canine body language and will share with you training methods that will strengthen your bond with your best friend and transform them into a well-mannered canine citizen.

We use simple, effective positive reinforcement methods that are recommended by vets and breeders around the country.

Our training methods are based on the domestic dog’s instinctive pack behaviour, using only positive reinforcement and rewards. No fear-based or harsh methods are used.

Whether you are planning on raising the perfect puppy, or currently have a dog with problems… we can help. 

See below for more information.

Our Dog Training Services

In-home dog behaviour training

We solve your dog’s behaviour problems in the comfort of your own home using the environment of your puppy.

Puppy Pre-school

Set your puppy off on the right path for life! With our easy to follow 4-week class your puppy will be the best behaved dog on the block.

Group obedience training

Minimise behaviour problems and strengthen the bond with your best friend using positive reinforcement techniques.

Puppy Set-up

The training session is specifically tailored for your family in your environment and includes the children. Learn all the tools for success!

Dog Trick Training Classes

In this unique dog tricks training class, you and your best friend can have some fun learning the foundations for popular tricks.

Barking Dog?

A persistent bark is one of the most common issues that owners have. Here we work with the dog to help reduce excessive barking.

Happy Dogs & Humans

Justin knows the art of understanding dogs

A 2 ½ year old Rottweiler urgently need a loving home. She had been badly treat by a previous owner and had security issues. Our home was her fourth home in her short life. She was an alpha female determined to dominate the household. Difficult to manage and unruly. No training, no manners and little contact with people and she did not like men. She had managed in few days to destroy blinds, doors and walls. I got Justin in to help us train the dog. In actual fact – he came to train us to be good leaders for her. Justin was amazing and had her doing what he wanted her to in the first few minutes.

We have never looked back and are forever thankful to Justin for teaching us the art of understanding language of dogs.

We have a precious Rottweiler who we love and she loves us. Highly recommend Justin and his team. Wonderful caring people.