Understand & Help Your Best Friend
by Teaching Them Our World

Dog training is for humans too!

We teach you to communicate
effectively with your best friend!

When your dog understands what behaviours are acceptable, they are able to be included in more everyday activities… in turn, they will thrive from the increasing levels of interaction they receive.

We are specialists in canine body language and will share with you training methods that will strengthen your bond with your best friend and transform them into a well-mannered canine citizen.

We use simple, effective positive reinforcement methods that are recommended by vets and breeders around the country.

Our training methods are based on the domestic dog’s instinctive pack behaviour, using only positive reinforcement and rewards. No fear-based or harsh methods are used.

Whether you are planning on raising the perfect puppy, or currently have a dog with problems… we can help. 

See below for more information.

Our Dog Training Services

In-home dog behaviour training

We solve your dog’s behaviour problems in the comfort of your own home using the environment of your puppy.

Puppy Pre-school

Set your puppy off on the right path for life! With our easy to follow 4-week class your puppy will be the best behaved dog on the block.

Group obedience training

Minimise behaviour problems and strengthen the bond with your best friend using positive reinforcement techniques.

Puppy Set-up

The training session is specifically tailored for your family in your environment and includes the children. Learn all the tools for success!

Dog Trick Training Classes

In this unique dog tricks training class, you and your best friend can have some fun learning the foundations for popular tricks.

Barking Dog?

A persistent bark is one of the most common issues that owners have. Here we work with the dog to help reduce excessive barking.

Happy Dogs & Humans

Your consultation was the best investment in my dog’s training…

Following our In-home consultation a few months ago, I am so pleased with the results that I wanted to extend my utmost thanks.

My previously barky, jumpy, leash-straining dog is now demonstrating beautiful house manners and actually paying attention to what I want when we go for walks. We had been to obedience classes previously to try and learn some leash manners and help with our other behavioural issues, but they didn’t really teach us how to communicate effectively with our dog. It helped a little bit with walking her – they sold us a head halter – but that was a short-term solution, using just one tool, whereas you gave us the full toolbox! I never would have thought I would be able to ask her to walk to heel without a pocket full of tasty treats. Now, I would expect nothing less. She has graduated off the head halter onto a regular collar and I can even walk her off leash using just my voice to keep her in heel. A far cry from the dog who didn’t seem to realise that I was even along on the walk, let alone in control of it.

The best part about it is that now she is so lovely to walk, we take her out more often and she is a calmer, happier dog when she has had proper exercise and stimulation. After a single consultation with you, we learnt how to communicate which behaviours were unacceptable, gently but effectively. She responded so quickly once she understood what was being asked of her. Your practical suggestions were tailored to our home environment and also helped us to identify the causes for some of her more special behaviour.

I would consider your consultation to be the best investment in my dog’s training to get life-long results and support if needed, and saved us from a future of frustration, anger, and embarrassment at our dog’s unruly behaviour. We now get comments from strangers about how well behaved she is, and I don’t hesitate to recommend you at every opportunity.