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Obedience for Life

We can all appreciate the importance of training our dogs to help them coexist with their human counterparts.  The pleasure of having a well-balanced and well-behaved dog in our lives can’t be overstated. You are able to share more of your life with them as they are more acceptable in everyday society, going for car rides, going to the beach or for walks, being part of our family functions, and possibly allowed inside with the family.

With all of this in mind, we offer puppy pre-school for our younger puppies (aged 8 weeks to 18 weeks) to get them started off on the right track, which is very important on many levels.

Dogs over five months benefit greatly from the stimulation and boundaries of ongoing obedience training to help them through their growing years – adolescence at approximately seven months of age and adulthood at approximately two to three years of age.

Once your dog has completed puppy school, the next level of training is Obedience for Life.  This training consists of group obedience classes held in an open but controlled environment where your dog will be exposed to other people, dogs, smells, etc, where it will learn that it must still listen and respond to you regardless of these distractions, and also continues the socialisation experience for your dog.

obedience for life

There is one fee when you enrol into Obedience for Life.  There is an initial three-week structured course (check out the course schedule here) which covers all of the basics including sit, stay, drop, come, distance recalls, and loose leash walking.  As there is so much that is covered at these classes we encourage people to continue to attend until they are happy with the level of training their dog has achieved.  Members of Obedience for Life are welcome and encouraged to attend classes either on a weekly or casual basis or for a refresher at any stage of the dog’s life.

There is no additional cost for ongoing training, whether you attend every week for the life of your dog, or if you decide to come back in two years time.  When you enrol with Jordan Dog Training, you are enrolling in Obedience for Life.

For more information or to enrol, please contact us.

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