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Meet Piglet George, our new puppy school recruit.

piglet georges puppy school

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming a newcomer to our puppy school in Wynnum West. We’ve taught little piglet George to come and sit, and we’re confident George should be able to learn lots more commands as piglets are very smart. Check out the Courier Mail’s article on George and stay tuned to know all about his progress in the coming weeks!

Piglet Puppy School Brisbane

Article reads:

Piglet in puppy class 

George will learn how not to be a swine 

Sit. Stay. Drop.

They are normal commands for a dog, but for a pig?

Dog trainer Karen Harvey said pigs were easier to train than dogs in many ways because they were so motivated.

Ms Harvey, who had previously trained a full-sized Great White pig, said pigs were not difficult to train as they were extremely intelligent.

Which is why Lilly Holland, of Tingalpa, has enrolled Geroge, her family’s new piglet, in puppy training classes at Wynnum.

Ms Holland said Georgie came from a mini-pig breeder in NSW and had settled in well with her family, which included her parents, two brothers, a dog and two cats.

A Balmoral High Year 12 student, Ms Holland said she expected George to also get on well with the other puppies in class “as he thinks anything with four legs is his fiend.”

She said she fell in love with George, now eight weeks old, from his photograph.

“He’s just so tiny and cute,” she said.

Me Harvey, from Jordan Dog Training, said participants in the upcoming classes would cover toilet training, teething, barking, walking on a lead, and the commands to come, sit and stay. “There won’t be much barking (from George). Just the odd oink,” she said.

George’s details

  • Born on May 23
  • Birthday name is Elvia
  • Is about the same size as a Chihuahua, but rounder, weighing about 3kg
  • Eats grass, fresh vegetables and oats
  • Wakes regularly when the sun rises and goes to sleep when the sun sets
  • will join about six puppies to train, including a German Shepard and a Bichon Frise

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