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A letter to Red dog (from a puppy admirer)

Hi Red Dog!
I want to thank you on behalf of all of the puppies at Albany Creek Puppy Pre School. Some of us were unsure of our direction in life but now we are INSPIRED! We can see that being a mascot is the highest calling for a charismatic puppy.

Watson, Beagle puppyI, myself, am now in training and preparing to approach the Queensland Ballet and soon you may see me leading the ballerinas on stage for the opening of Swan Lake. As you can see here my bar work and stretches are quite something!

Even on our first night, I noticed other puppies with aptitude:
It seems that the first puppy to piddle is aiming for Mascot of the South East Queensland Water Board and immediately after that, one of the golden retrievers has demonstrated that he’ll be a sure thing for the Australian Speed Skating Team. I hear that the crew at Gardening Australia is very interested in picking up the rights for the puppy that was able to poo with such grace and style in front of a large audience.

Watson, the Beagle puppyYou would realise by now that there is not a great deal more that Justin can teach us. He’s a nice bloke but there’s only so much influence any trainer can have when talent is so abundant – just keep that to yourself – he tries hard and you need to keep supporting him. Just remember, WE are your REAL FANS!

Watson the Beagle

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