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Leader of the pack

Courier Mail Article 2007

An article in The Courier Mail, 2007, about Justin Jordan’s Puppy Pre-schools.

Article excerpt reads:

Leader of the pack 

The vizsla was running scared, the Labrador wanted to wrestle anything that moved but the shar-pei was keeping a dignified silence.

On a cold brisk evening in a northern Brisbane suburb, this pack of pips and their owners were there for the first class of puppy pre-school.

Designed to create obedient, happy and sociable dogs, the group before animal behaviour therapist Justin Jordan was presenting a few problems.

But this, as it transpired, was managed chaos as Jordan gave these pups – some just a few weeks old – their first experience of other animals and other people.

“The ideas is for the dogs to learn to socialise,” says Jordan.

“Everything that puppies learn at this early stage will stay with them, so the puppy pre-school is all about getting those foundations right.” Jordan runs his own franchise company called DogTech and alongside running the pre-schools is there to sort out dog behaviour problems in the home.

Whether it’s barking, separation anxiety, toilet problems, aggressive, biting, chewing or running off, Jordan’s mission is to put things right with canine home visits.

“Dogs are pack animals,” explains Jordan.

“If their owners are nice people, but not good leaders, then the dog will step up to the mark to take that role.”

“But not all dogs make good leaders and most problems in the home are because the dog thinks it is the leader. The dog needs to understand that we are a good leader.”

Winter is a busy time of year for businesses such as DogTech, with the cooler and longer nights meaning dogs spend less time outdoors and so get bored quickly.

“We do tend to get more bad behaviours during the winter time – but then you can always find an excuse.”

Click here to read the full story on the Courier Mail’s website

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