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Keep Your Dog Safe on NYE!

Whilst New Year’s Eve may be lots of fun for humans, our furry friends can get very distressed by all of the festivities. Keep your dog safe on New Year’s Eve by following these simple tips!

The most important thing is to keep your dog inside and make sure they remain calm. You can do this by distracting them with toys, food or other noises. Create a safe space that is small, comforting, and away from all the action!

Many dog owners think it’s fine to keep their pets tied up outside during a storm or while there’s fireworks. You must remember that your pup can severely hurt themselves yanking the chain whilst trying to escape. They may also hurt themselves trying to jump a fence. If they do manage to get out, you have the best chance of finding them again if they are microchipped and have an ID tag.

New Year’s Eve is a joyous time to be spent with family and friends – remember to keep your dog safe so that the first day of 2015 is a happy one! Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve everybody!


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