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Jordan Dog Training x Legally Blonde The Musical

Legally Blonde Dog Musical

We are proud to announce that Justin Jordan has been chosen to be the official dog trainer for Legally Blonde The Musical, brought to the Brisbane scene by PRIMA (Pine Rivers Musical Association). Justin will be in charge of teaching Dexter, playing Bruiser in the musical, and George, playing Rufus, how to be on their best behaviour on stage!

Teaching the dogs to behave on stage will involve ensuring they can sit, stay and answer to their stage names of Bruiser and Rufus. Some performance parts even come with lines, with the dogs having to bark on command or in response to certain questions.

There are many distractions on stage, and part of Justin’s job will be teaching Dexter and George to ignore audience members, lights, props and scenery. Jordan will also work closely with the actors to ensure that they can handle anything that happens on performance night!

It’s important to remember that, although they are required to perform tricks and behave on stage, the welfare of the animals in Legally Blonde will be first priority. The dogs must feel safe and at ease, not only for their wellbeing, but also for the sake of their performance.

PRIMA have put on many incredible shows over the years including Grease, Annie, Little Shop of Horrors, Oliver and Hairspray. Legally Blonde will be brought to you by Director and Choreographer Maureen Bowra, premiering on the 19th of February 2015 and running through until the 22nd. It will be held at Redcliffe Cultural Centre,  so make sure to book your tickets and to join us for a night to remember!

Legally Blonde Dog Musical


Dexter // Bruiser

Legally Blonde Dog Musical


George // Rufus

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