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Jordan Dog Training Receives the 2016 PIAA Dog Trainer of Excellence Award

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This year, we were lucky enough to attend the Pet Industry of Association of Australia annual awards evening in Melbourne, where we were awarded the 2016 PIAA Dog Trainer of Excellence award in recognition of outstanding dog training performance. We are honoured and humbled to have won this award.

As always, we believe in going above and beyond for our clients and their pets. Our team takes pride in our puppy and dog training services, particularly our in-home behaviour programs.

This is where we come to you and assess the pooch in its home environment to resolve issues such as barking, destructive behaviour, pulling on the lead and separation anxiety. In-home consultations allow us to tailor the training so that it will be compatible with your family and effective for your dog.

Our obedience training occurs in a group setting, which helps to teach dogs to focus on you and respond to your cues even in the face of distractions such as new sights, smells and sounds. Our puppy classes are also held in groups, to allow puppies to learn how to interact with others in a safe and controlled environment while their guardians learn everything there is to know about their new bundle of joy.

Our can-do attitude has won us this year’s Dog Trainer of Excellence award as well as the hearts of many dog owners and their furry friends.

Following our recent award we were approached by the Courier Mail for an interview, if you would like to read all about our tips and tricks for dog training please see our article Master and Commander, this article is also available on the Courier Mail website for all subscription members.

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