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How to get a dog like Red Dog

red dog on the union field

Introducing Red Dog—the charismatic and spirited official junior mascot of the Queensland Reds.

Red is an extraordinarily energetic and affectionate pooch who never fails to entertain and bring a smile to his two-legged fans.

So how do you get a dog like Red Dog?

Find the facts about your future fur baby

Consider what qualities you are looking for in a pet—do you want them to perform clever stunts, be cuddly and gentle or do you need an attentive watch dog?

There are some important factors to consider if you’re interested in buying a dog like Red. As an Australian Red Cattle Dog, he has a strong willingness to work. Although this trait makes the breed great to train, their high energy levels mean that they must always be kept occupied.

If you want to own a dog like Red, you need to be prepared to commit to frequent exercise sessions. Red is taken for around three walks per day to keep him happy and prevent restless behaviour.

A sure way to find out the best dog breeds for your lifestyle is to discuss it with a vet, dog trainer or do some research on Google.

Red Dog with a Union playerDog-tastic Disposition

There are countless variations between dogs and it depends on your preferences and whether you’d like a smart pooch or don’t mind one that is less quick witted, but who makes up for it in friendliness.

Some types of dogs are more trainable than others, so your best bet is to select a breed based on their personality.

If you have young children, you can rule out a few varieties like herding dogs who are ankle biters themselves! The best dog breeds for kids are gentle giants, including Boxers, Old English Sheepdogs, Dalmatians and the ultimate kid-friendly Newfoundlands—this Shetland pony-like pooch featured in Peter Pan! You should also think about what kinds of activities you want to do with your dog—do you have the time and patience to train a stubborn breed or do you like the thought of curling up on the sofa with your laidback pup?

It all comes down to temperament so you should definitely visit a pound or breeder to gain a feel for the unique qualities of the kind of dog you’re interested in.

Red Dog enjoying a game of unionPaw-fect Match

Some dogs will fit in better with certain lifestyles than others.

Keep this in mind when trying to find the right dog for you. If you are a frequent traveller or work long hours, choose an independent pooch that is content with lounging around the house or garden and not prone to separation anxiety.

If you’re a fitness fanatic, there are many popular dog breeds that will love to be your work out buddy and help push your limits. For example, Red is a great sprinter given that he comes from herding stock. Border Collies, Australian Shepherds and Rhodesian Ridgebacks are also great athletes.

But if there are young children around, take care to find a four-legged friend that is placid and happy to tolerate the over-zealous hugs of tiny tots.

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