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Labrador Dave’s leg caught in trap

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This poor dog got out of its yard in the storm a few nights ago near the Bunya Forrest in Albany Creek , it was found the next day dragging this along attached to its toe, the toe had to be amputated. Jordan Dog Training owner Justin Jordan was asked to give advice to dog owners in the area by the Courier Mail’s Quest News. He recommends to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour in the Forrest and parks, when walking your dogs do not let them venture into the forest.


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Family pet’s leg caught in trap 

Labrador’s toe had to be amputated 

Labrador Dave had a toe amputated last week after getting caught in a steel-jaw rabbit trap.

The nine-year-old dog ran away from home during a storm and was found the following morning in Albany Creek with the dangerous contraption, believed to have been set in Bunyaville Regional Park, attached to his hind leg.

Dave was taken to Albany Creek’s Petmania Vet Surgery where he underwent surgery to remove one toe – Petmania owner Tanya Sacasan warned it could have been much worse.

“He was quite shocked,” Dr Sccasan said.

“Luckily the trap only caught one toe so only one toe had to be amputated. My concern is he was found in the state forest and families use that area.”

Jordan Dog Training owner Justin Jordan, who runs puppy preschool lessons at Petmania, said it was concerning a runaway dog could come across something so dangerous.

“We need to make people aware of this,” Mr Jordan said.

“Be cautious with children, be cautious with your animals and take notice of people acting suspiciously. ”

“That trap took three people to open.”

It could have seriously maimed someone.”

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spokesman said it did not set any traps, nor was it conducting any pest animal management programs in Bunyaville Regional Park.

“It is a serious offence to possess or use appliances such as traps,” the spokesman said.

RSPC Queensland’s Michael Beatty said steel-jaw rabbit traps were “quite dangerous but it was odd to come across one set up in suburbia.”

“Anyone caught setting a trap could be charged with animal cruelty,” he said.

Albany Creek Police Acting Senior Sergeant Gary Poulton said it was still unclear exactly where the trap was set.

“If anyone has any information they should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

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