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Our favourite mascot keeps getting media’s attention – this month he was featured in Vet Practice. Dr Bernie Bredhauer speaks about how the whole Red Dog project came together and how Justin Jordan got involved.

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Red Dog article in Vet Practice magazine

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A Dog’s Life

When canine mascot Red Dog leads the Queensland Reds rugby team onto the field in front of 30,000 fans, it’s all thanks to Dr Bernie Brehauer, discovers Frank Leggett.

Vet Practice article

Article excerpt reads:

The 2014 super rugby season saw the addition of an incredibly talented youngster to the Queensland Reds line-up. He might have spent most of his first game sitting on the sidelines but he has continued to train hard, mature in his attitude and is now an integral part of the team. And he’s still not even one year old.

Red dog is a red Australian cattle dog who recently began a career as a mascot for the mighty Queensland Reds – and it’s all thanks to rugby tragic and bet, Dr Bernie Bredhauer of Northgate Veterinary Surgery in Brisbane.

“I’ve always been a big rugby fane and became a member of the Queensland Reds a couple of years ago,” says Dr Bredhauer. “I was at the stadium, watching the pre-game matches one day and say that every team had a mascot – mainly people dressed in pantomime suits.

“As the mascots ran up and down the side of the field, I thought it would be great if there was also a live mascot.

“A red cattle dog immediately came to mind. They embody the Queensland outback spirit and would be a perfect match for the Queensland Reds. On top of that, I wanted to get more involved in rugby, and my family’s attitude wasn’t helping. I have two daughters and the last time I took them to a game, they were cheering for the Kiwi team!”

The very next day, Dr Bredhauer sent an email to the Queensland Red outlining his plan for a red cattle dog as a team mascot.

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