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Doggy Day Care: The Perfect Solution For Busy Dog Owners

brisbane dog day care

2015 has well and truly started and most of us are back to the daily grind. For dog owners, this generally means saying goodbye to your pup in the morning, sometimes for 8 or more hours.

Most of us know the feeling all too well – the howls of protest and relentless “puppy dog” eyes can be utterly heart wrenching (and can also sometimes lead to us being overindulgent in the evening to appease our guilt).

Enter doggy day care, a much needed solution for those of us who can’t avoid the 9-5. This service is perfect for dog owners who are not able to exercise their pup as much as they would like. It is also an excellent way for your dog to fulfill his or her social needs whilst also helping to deal with any separation anxiety issues that may be present.

One of our favourite doggy day care businesses is Houndog – they embrace the great outdoors by taking your dog to the park or beach! Their small excursion groups mean that your pooch is adequately cared for whilst socialising with other pups. All trips are supervised by 4-6 qualified trainers and you will receive a photo update during the day as well as professional photos and a daily adventure report.

brisbane dog day care

Another great business is The Hound Hutt, a cage-free play facility full of shell pools, balls and bubbles, toys and tunnels. The range of activities will have your dog splashing, chasing, tugging and playing all day long! You can rest assured that your best friend will be supervised by a team of accredited dog trainers, vet nurses and even professional dog stylists. You are also able to provide your own bed, toys and lunch to ensure your dog is relaxed and comfortable.

These two companies are the complete opposite of a kennel – one day (or more) a week should keep your pooch in good health and free from boredom. Remember that a tired dog is a happy dog – if your furry friend is missing out on exercise or social interaction, you should seriously consider doggy day care!

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