Dog Walking and In-home Care Services

When life gets in the way but your dog still needs attention… our Personal Pet Assistants (PPAs) are here to help!

Our dog walking/in-home care services can help you when you simply can’t be there.


Our Personal Pet Assistants (PPAs) are here to help with whatever life throws at you:
  • Busy schedule? We can help with regular dog-walking appointments to provide your pet with specialised one-on-one care.
  • Unexpected trip away? We can help with feeding, watering and exercising your pet.
  • Need someone to drive you and your pet to the groomer or vet? We can help with transport.
  • Rental inspections or tradespeople visiting your home? We can supervise your pet at home or take them out.
  • Do you need to leave your pet for a couple of hours (like for an appointment or day surgery)? We can provide calm companionship and activities to keep them busy.
  • Recovering from surgery? We can watch over your pet.
  • End of Financial Year or Exam Season got you down? We can take some of the stress away by ensuring that your pet maintains a regular routine.

Whatever the reason, Jordan Dog Training is here to take care of your pet when you can’t.


More than just a dog walk

We understand that you want your dog to have the one-on-one supervision that you would normally give your dog yourself. We know that you don’t want your dog to be one of a crowd who might not get along.

That’s why our pet supervision is always one-on-one with your dog/s only.

Our services are provided by accredited JDT Trainers who have pet first aid qualifications, insurance, extensive experience working with dogs and clear police checks.


Tailored service

All dogs are different and all families have different needs. We will speak to you about your requirements and tailor the time to your dog’s needs.

It’s perfect whether you need a regular appointment every week, or simply a one-off every once in a while.  Either way, you’ll know your dog is being looked after by a suitably trained professional, and getting the attention he deserves!

What we include

Your dog will be looked after like one of our own. Your appointment will be tailored to suit your and your dog’s requirements, and could include the following activities:

  • 25-45 minute walk
  • One-on-one with your dog/s only
  • Poo pickup around your yard
  • Clean out bowls and put out fresh water
  • Trick training at home
  • Basic obedience training
  • Brushing
  • Your dog’s favourite backyard game
  • Set up environmental enrichment activities
  • Administer basic medications
  • Drop-off/pick-up service available
  • JDT accredited trainer – fully insured, with current pet first aid certification and clear police check

What we don't do

Your dog’s safety is our priority

  • No dog park
  • No approaching unfamiliar dogs or people
  • No multiple dogs being supervised together
  • No allowing your dog to be left alone


$37.50 per hour

Minimum two hours

Contact us for special all-day rates

What our clients say about our in-home training...

I have learnt many tools to assist in training our dog…

I was recommended Jordan Dog Training by our vet for private behavioural training for our 7 month old spoodle.

From the moment the trainer entered our home it was straight on to business – she immediately recognised Stormy’s bad habits & after 2 sessions with her I feel that I have learnt many tools to assist in training our dog to become a calm, happy & well-behaved boy.

She was very instinctive, knowledgeable & firm but kind & has achieved wonderful results with our Stormy. I would recommend Jordan Dog Training to anyone requiring assistance in learning how to be a responsible pet owner.


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