Pet First Aid Classes

Pet first aid is a vital skill that every pet owner should have. We never want to imagine that our pets will need emergency care, but being prepared could save your pet’s life

In Australia, we are very lucky and usually have close-by veterinary care available and lots of after-hours help when needed. But what if you’re in a location where vet treatment is not close by? What about injuries so serious that immediate intervention is needed.

Do you know what to do?
Could you save your loved pet?

Take away that uncertainty and learn how to provide your pet life-saving first aid. It could save him or her.

“Fur Aid” Pet First Aid courses are run by Tabatha. As a qualified Veterinary Nurse, with a strong background in specialist and emergency nursing along with training veterinary nurses, Tabatha has the practical experience and theoretical knowledge to provide you with high standard training.

The course is designed for all pet owners, and aims to provide you with essential foundation skills to provide first aid to your pet at a time of need. Pet first aid training is not designed to be a replacement of veterinary treatment, but rather skills and knowledge to help you get your pet to a veterinarian as safely as possible. In the event of injury or illness, the provision of first aid may help to minimise further trauma, sustain or prolong life in order to help you to get your pet to the lifesaving hands of a veterinarian.

What will you learn?

During the course, we aim to cover as many skills as possible whilst teaching you the theory behind the skills so you know what to apply and when to do so. During each course we aim to teach you skills to:

  • Recognise what is normal and abnormal behaviours or symptoms in your pet
  • Safely trim nails and manage over-trimming or nail breaks
  • Provide first aid to wounds, grazes, cuts, and punctures including bleeding control
  • Provide life saving reaction to choking
  • Recognise bites, stings and envenomation (snakes / ticks etc)
  • Recognise and respond to ingestion of toxins or poisons
  • Provide life saving first aid for heat stroke or dehydration
  • Respond to eye injuries, minimising further damage
  • Respond to impact injuries such as a motor vehicle accident or fall
  • Provide potentially life saving CPR in the event of cardiac or respiratory failure (basic techniques)

Included in your first aid course, is a pet first aid kit to take home for emergency use. The Pet First Aid Kit is custom designed for animal treatment and constructed here in Australia and is full of items truly useful to your pet.

Course cost

2018 introductory course cost is $200 / person.

This price includes your instructor, all materials used at the course and your own Pet First Aid Kit to take home.

Please note this is an introductory cost only, the cost of this course will be adjusted to the full course cost in 2019.

Pet first aid courses are being held now, and bookings are required. Please contact Tabatha on 0409 719 956.

Pet First Aid Classes – FAQ

The Hound Hutt
3/24 Windorah Street

  • 6:30pm, Wednesday, 14 November
  • 8:30am, Saturday, 24 November
  • 6:30pm, Wednesday, 12 December

Bookings are essential.

Each course runs for approximately three (3) hours.

Courses include theory and practical demonstrations along with the opportunity for you to try the skills yourself in a simulated role play.

Your course cost includes your instructor, consumables, a Pet First Aid Kit to take home and some printed materials.

Course attendee numbers are kept small to ensure you gain maximum contact with your trainer.

We do love pets, however to enable you to gain the most from your course, please leave your pets at home.

Ready to join a class?