Dog Tricks Training Classes

Have you ever wanted to teach your dog a few extra tricks?

In this unique dog tricks training class with Jordan Dog Training, now you and your best friend can have some fun learning the foundations for popular tricks. Developing foundation skills and train your dog to perform on command means the possibilities of trick training are endless. Dog training is a vital skill for both you and your dog.

Jordan Dog training enables you to teach your dog a variety of tricks. Trick training encourages a positive environment for you and your dog to learn and develop together. We give you the skills to teach dog tricks and help in getting the basic tricks down pat.

We run through some good trick to teach your dog as a foundation for future trick training. The dog tricks we like to begin teaching are…

  • Shake – teach your dog to respond to the shake command.
  • Hi 5 – train your dog to give you a hi 5 whenever you need it!
  • Roll Over – your dog will learn to roll over when asked.
  • Weaving – develop the skill of having your dog weave through obstacles when directed.
  • Beg – teach your dog how to use those puppy eyes and beg with perfect balance.
  • Plus more tricks, and some fun games!

Trick training is a great opportunity to develop your dogs’ skills and confidence and encourage lifelong learning. Teaching your dog new tricks stimulates their mind and further develops your relationship and communication with your best friend.

Bookings are essential

  • With only 4-6 dogs per class, places are limited and bookings are essential
  • ALL AGES – ALL BREEDS (must be up to date with vaccinations)
  • Positive rewards only
  • High level of engagement between owner and dog

3 week trick training course just $125

Dog Trick Training Classes Brisbane


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Bookings are essential. Please contact the trainer directly to register.



Start Date: 14th June 2021
Time: 7.00-8.00pm


The Hound Hutt
3/24 Windorah St, Stafford

For Bookings please contact Your Trainer: Terri Dossetto


Start Date: 5th July 2021
Time: 7.00-8.00pm


The Hound Hutt
7 / 9 Flinders Pde, North Lakes

For Bookings please contact Your Trainer: Terri Dossetto



Start Date: TBA
Time: 7.00-8.00pm


Woof n Wags
2/5 Welch Street, Underwood

For Bookings please contact Your Trainer: Terri Dossetto

Ready to teach your dog a few extra tricks?

What our clients think about our training...

Where’s Wally

…that was the $10,000,000 question..our adopted Labradoodle Wally had issues getting around the house… he was always getting “stuck” unable to move down hallways and stairways without us assisting him.. after consultanting our vet who was unable to offer any medical advice.

A friend recommended Leah, as they’d had amazing result with their dog. We made an appointment with Leah, who came to our home for a one on one with Wally.

After listening to us and observing Wally, Leah suggested that it may be a tactile issue and recommended either “toe grips” or hall runner carpet.. we opted for some cheap hall runners and within 2 -3 days Wally was making great progress and moving more freely around the house unassisted.

Leah was prompt, friendly, courteous and professional and we have no hesitation in recommending her and Jordan Dog Training. Thank you Leah!

C. Fields

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