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Do not alpha roll your dog

The “alpha roll” is an obsolete technique that some dog trainers still employ. It involves forcing a dog to roll onto its back and pinning it to the ground in an attempt to assert physical dominance over the dog.

Jordan Dog Training are categorically against the use of force in dog training

We do not use or endorse the use of the alpha roll, and we actively educate our clients against such cruel and potentially dangerous methods. We advocate for humane and effective dog training techniques that take account of dogs’ natural behaviours and needs.

In the real world, dogs do not force another dog onto its back and pin it to the ground unless it is about to kill it; it is not used as a form of correction. Dogs may voluntarily flip onto their backs as a sign of submission, but this is done by choice, not by force.

Using physical force and discomfort on a dog to make it respect you as the apparent leader is simply not effective. Most of us would have experienced the difference between a “boss” who threatens discipline and makes demands, and a “leader” who earns respect and builds their team to their full potential.

The alpha roll builds fear, not respect.

Your day-to-day interaction with your dog, when done the correct way, is what will make for a happy and harmonious relationship with your dog, not shows of aggression or physical force.

If your dog has behavioural issues, we can certainly help by teaching you gentle and effective techniques that speak your dog’s language, curb bad behaviour and strengthen your bond with your dog.

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