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Our Interview with the ABC

We were lucky enough to be invited down to the ABC headquarters on Saturday to talk with Craig Quartermaine on the ABC Evenings show. During the interview we shared our expertise on dog behaviour and training, bringing our furry friend Red Dog along for the ride.

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Jordan Dog Training Blog - Pack Mentality

Pack Mentality – Interview with Pets Magazine

Jordan Dog Training’s master dog trainer, Justin Jordan, speaks out against Alpha Dominance theories in edition 68 of pets magazine. Discussing tactics which push the Alpha theories away in favour of more encouraging techniques such as teaching your dog to trust you rather than fear you.

It’s trust techniques and positive reinforcement like this that has shaped Jordan Dog Training, allowing Justin and his trainers to bond with hundreds of dogs over the years. To read the full article subscribe to Pets Magazine.

Totally Wild interviews Justin Jordan

Like all animal lovers, we have a soft spot for Totally Wild, so were very excited when Justin Jordan was interviewed by them about ‘The Secret Life of Pets.’

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Jordan Dog Training Press

Aggression at the dog park: Dog behaviour explained

Recently, Jordan Dog Training provided advice for dog owners in the Pine Rivers Press, after an unfortunate incident resulted in the sudden death of a schnauzer puppy, who was attacked by a larger dog at a northern Brisbane dog park.
As experts in dog behaviour and training, we’ll talk about common issues dog owners face at a dog park and provide tips on how you can ensure your dog has a safe, fun time in off leash areas. We’ll also give advice on what you can do if tension starts to rise at a dog park.

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George the piglet

George the piglet goes to puppy school

You may know that Jordan Dog Training run classes to help puppies socialise and to help train them (and their owners). But did you know we’ve recently trained a piglet?

Bundy is “my boy’s hero”

Here is another article, this time in “That’s Life’ magazine, about the inspiring story of how a dog needing a home became a little boy’s best friend and helped him recover his health and happiness..!
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Dog and boy video screenshot

A dog and a boy saved each other

Justin Jordan was interviewed by Sunrise this week to talk about Mike and Bundy’s story. Justin was contacted by Bundy’s owner and was able to rehome this beautiful dog with Mike’s family.

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Miracle unleashed – a boy’s best friend

Read this inspiring article about how the love of a dog helped a boy recover from a debilitating health condition. See also our blog post the healing power of a dog.

From the Pine Rivers Press, Thursday April 30th: “Nine year old Mikey Anderson was crippled with the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Alaskan Malamute Bundy was about to be euthanised. But when the two came into each other’s lives, something incredible happened.” read more

Black Beauty Breed Film Cover

Black Beauty Breed Movie

We are very excited to announce that Jordan Dog Training and Black Beauty Breed‘s team are partnering up to bring you the screening of the much anticipated movie in Brisbane. read more

Legally Blonde Dog Musical

Jordan Dog Training x Legally Blonde The Musical

We are proud to announce that Justin Jordan has been chosen to be the official dog trainer for Legally Blonde The Musical, brought to the Brisbane scene by PRIMA (Pine Rivers Musical Association). Justin will be in charge of teaching Dexter, playing Bruiser in the musical, and George, playing Rufus, how to be on their best behaviour on stage! read more