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Travelling with dogs

Travelling with Your Dogs

Travelling with your dog over the holidays is a great way to include your best friends in your adventures. Some important things to bear in mind are warm weather safety and car safety.

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3 Tips to Desensitise Your Reactive Dog

How to desensitise a reactive dog

In dog obedience training, there are often many different approaches to the same problem. At Jordan Dog Training we recommend the following approach for working with reactive dogs as it does no harm (emotionally or physically) to the dog and it uses a science-based understanding of canine stress and dog behavioural learning.

What do we mean by “reactive dogs”? This refers to more than just a nuisance habit such as jumping up on people in excitement. It’s a label that we give to dogs who perceive certain situations as a threat and react instinctively to try and protect themselves. To people, it often looks like an overreaction, but to the dog it is very real. read more

Breed Spotlight: Labrador Retriever

Considering buying a Labrador? Here are some facts and information on the breed to get you started.


Labradors are a robust, athletic looking dog with a tail that will clear your coffee table. Their coat may be black, yellow or chocolate. Labradors typically weigh between 25 to 36 kilograms, and females are usually smaller than males.

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Labradors have a cheerful, steady temperament that makes for a wonderful family dog. However, lab puppies in particular can be very bouncy, so care needs to be taken around small children. They are notoriously mouthy and need clear guidelines about what they may and may not chew.

Labradors are intelligent and eager to please, making them very responsive to training. They love company and will likely want to follow you around the house and rest at your feet.


Exercise and space needs

The Labrador Retriever is a large sporting dog, originally bred to work with fishermen and hunters. They are happiest when they have a job to do and when they get plenty and varied exercise, including walking, running, swimming, hiking or retrieving. While the don’t need a large yard, they do need plenty of opportunities to stretch their legs and engage their mental faculties.


Labradors have a short coat with a dense undercoat that does shed, particularly when the seasons change. A good quality de-shedding tool or curry comb will help to reduce the amount of hair drop around your house, but it cannot be avoided entirely.




Everything you need to know about BLOAT (GDV)

Bloat is a life-threatening condition which many dog owners are unaware of. It involves the stomach twisting, which creates an obstruction to major blood vessels and limits the heart’s ability to pump blood, damaging vital organs.

Bloat is a veterinary emergency.

Any symptoms should not be taken lightly with a “wait and see” approach. The longer it takes to see a vet, the less likely it is that your dog will survive. Death can be the result in just a few hours without appropriate treatment.

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red dog on the union field

How to get a dog like Red Dog

Introducing Red Dog—the charismatic and spirited official junior mascot of the Queensland Reds.

Red is an extraordinarily energetic and affectionate pooch who never fails to entertain and bring a smile to his two-legged fans.

So how do you get a dog like Red Dog?

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brisbane dog day care

Doggy Day Care: The Perfect Solution For Busy Dog Owners

2015 has well and truly started and most of us are back to the daily grind. For dog owners, this generally means saying goodbye to your pup in the morning, sometimes for 8 or more hours.

Most of us know the feeling all too well – the howls of protest and relentless “puppy dog” eyes can be utterly heart wrenching (and can also sometimes lead to us being overindulgent in the evening to appease our guilt). read more

Dog breeds sitting up behind a wall

Selecting Your New Dog: Which Breed Is Right For Me?

When thinking about a new addition to their family, most people spend a large amount of time thinking, “which breed is right for me?” It all depends on your family, your lifestyle, and your home. Although you may be tempted to buy a certain breed based purely on looks, remember that a dog’s exercise & space requirements, grooming needs and general temperament are all vitally important. There are many categories that may help you decide on the breed that is right for you. Striking a balance between size, exercise requirements and temperament will set you on the right track to choosing the appropriate breed to successfully fit into your family. read more

Dog years to human years converter

Dog to human years converter

10 questions to consider before getting a dog

Getting a dog is not a light decision, so it should be taken with care and consideration. It is unfair to animals to get them in the spur of the moment, only to find that they don’t fit in with your lifestyle, finances, schedule, and so on.