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Black Beauty Breed Movie

Black Beauty Breed Film Cover

We are very excited to announce that Jordan Dog Training and Black Beauty Breed‘s team are partnering up to bring you the screening of the much anticipated movie in Brisbane.

“Behind the tough image is a dog with heart”.

The tagline perfectly describes this award winning feature length documentary, which encourages viewers to change their perception of Rottweilers, an often misunderstood breed. These dogs are incredibly industrious, loyal and courageous, however the media often portrays them as being backyard guard dogs who are aggressive and unpredictable.

This documentary highlights the Rottweiler’s origins as a working dog, outlining the positive roles they can play in society by working in areas such as search and rescue and disability services. Above all, this film portrays the deep connections that humans can forge with their dogs.

The film has already been shown across the US and in Canada, England, Scotland and Portugal – and now it’s landed in Australia and will be screening for one night only!

Watch the trailer below (it brought a little tear to our eyes) & come join us at the Palace Barracks cinema, Friday 30 January 2015 at 7pm to enjoy this amazing documentary!

Black Beauty Breed – Official Trailer from Angie Ruiz on Vimeo.

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