Author: Justin Jordan

Crate training your dog

Crate training your dog can be beneficial to you and your dog throughout puppyhood and into adult life. Puppies can be kept safe from wandering the house freely and chewing on things that may be expensive, dangerous for them, or both. Crate training is also an excellent way to prevent accidents during toilet training, because dogs like to keep their den clean. The crate encourages bladder control and helps to establish a routine for toileting outside. read more

Quest press article - Red dog's kennel

Mascot Red wins more fans

This article from Quest Newspaper’s Springfield News promotes a competition for kids to design a kennel for Red, the Queensland Rugby Union’s junior mascot mascot trained by Jordan Dog Training.

10 things to know about puppy school

Puppy school provides the best chance for your new best friend to get the best start in life. Read some hints and tips about how to get the most from puppy school.

The importance of puppy school

Puppy school is about getting the foundations right for your puppy’s future life. We now understand the importance of socialisation and early training in puppies during the crucial imprinting stage between 8 and 18 weeks of age.

10 questions to consider before getting a dog

Getting a dog is not a light decision, so it should be taken with care and consideration. It is unfair to animals to get them in the spur of the moment, only to find that they don’t fit in with your lifestyle, finances, schedule, and so on.

Converting dog years to human years

Just how old is your dog in human years? See our handy dog age conversion table below. read more

How to treat & prevent itchy skin in dogs

Is your dog scratching and suffering itchy skin? Learn the do’s and don’ts of treatment and prevention! Be especially alert for doggy skin problems during hot weather, and treat underlying causes straight away.

A dog's last will

A dog’s last will and testament

Before humans die, they write their last will and testament, give their home and all they have to those they leave behind. If, with my paws, I could do the same, this is what I’d ask…

10 things your dog would tell you, if it could talk

Have you ever wondered what your dog might be thinking and what it would say to you if it could?

We’ve come up with a list of 10 things your dog would tell you if they could speak.

read more

If it should be…

A heartfelt but sad poem – what your best friend may be thinking when the end is near… read more