Author: Justin Jordan

Justin with Lex

Pine Rivers Dog Training Club Open Day 12 July

Justin Jordan will be a guest judge at this fun-filled event for dog lovers! Who wouldn’t want to judge which dog has the best fancy dress, waggiest tail, or most appealing eyes?

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Jordan Dog Training expands to Sydney

Sydney here we come! Jordan Dog Training is very proud to announce that we have now appointed a very well known, highly experienced and industry-respected person to join our team in Sydney. More details to follow soon..!

Bundy is “my boy’s hero”

Here is another article, this time in “That’s Life’ magazine, about the inspiring story of how a dog needing a home became a little boy’s best friend and helped him recover his health and happiness..!
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Dog and boy video screenshot

A dog and a boy saved each other

Justin Jordan was interviewed by Sunrise this week to talk about Mike and Bundy’s story. Justin was contacted by Bundy’s owner and was able to rehome this beautiful dog with Mike’s family.

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Dogs & Babies: How To Introduce A Furry Friend Into Your Family

Whether you’re thinking of welcoming a new baby or adopting a dog into your family, it’s best to make sure all involved are prepared for the change. Many people dream of their new child and pup — which, let’s be honest, is your fur baby — having marvellous adventures together, but introducing a new family member requires careful planning. Fortunately, with only a few simple steps, your child and dog can become the best of friends!


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Million Paws Walk

Million Paws Walk 2015 – See you there!

This is now a tradition for us at Jordan Dog Training: like last year and the years before, we will be participating to RSPCA’s annual Millions Paws Walk.

Just like last year, Justin and Red will be attending as part of the Queensland Reds team – we are looking forward to a day of fun with our favourite rugby team and are hoping to see you all there! You can see more photos of last year’s event here.


Find our more information about this event on the Millions Paws Walk website and join us in South Bank on Sunday 17 May!

mothers day classic

Mother’s Day Classic 2015 – See you there!

Jordan Dog Training are excited to announce that we will be participating to the Mother’s Day Classic in South Bank. Join Justin Jordan and Red Dog on Sunday 10th of May to celebrate Mother’s Day and support Breast Cancer research.

Justin and Red Dog will be attending this event as part of the Queensland Reds team – we are looking forward to spending a great Sunday promoting this important cause and seeing you all there!


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Mikey with his dog Bundy

The healing power of a dog

Here is a heart warming update from the new owner of “Bundy”, the dog we were trying to urgently find a home for a few months ago.

Obedience for Life

We can all appreciate the importance of training our dogs to help them coexist with their human counterparts.  The pleasure of having a well-balanced and well-behaved dog in our lives can’t be overstated. You are able to share more of your life with them as they are more acceptable in everyday society, going for car rides, going to the beach or for walks, being part of our family functions, and possibly allowed inside with the family.

With all of this in mind, we offer puppy pre-school for our younger puppies (aged 8 weeks to 18 weeks) to get them started off on the right track, which is very important on many levels. read more

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Help! I just received a barking complaint.

We get messages like this quite frequently and know how stressful barking complaints can be. This is mainly due to the fact that most owners who receive such complaints are completely unaware that their dog is barking excessively.

Most dogs bark when their owners are at work, and so the first time the issue is brought to attention is a note in the mailbox or an anonymous council complaint.  Although stressful, don’t panic – dog barking can be resolved. read more