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Tips keep tails wagging

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An article in the North West News, 2012


Article reads:

Tips keep tails wagging 

Trainer aids dog owners 

A northwest dog whisperer is helping local pooch owners discover the secrets to a happy dog.

Justin Jordan, a master trainer from DogTech dog training, has been visiting off-leash dog parks to offer free tips to pet owners and hints to keep doggie tails wagging through the winter months.

Mr Jordan, who is a regular at Albany Creek’s Bleakley Park, said cooler weather was often a catalyst for bad puppy behaviour.

“We find when it’s cold, wet and dark that people are less inclined to spend the extra time with their dogs,” he said. “Dogs do get bored and winter is one of the key times for barking problems.”

“If you sit me in my backyard for 24 hours, seven days a week and only spoke to me for five minutes a day, I’d start screaming pretty quickly as well.”

He said other common behavioural problems were separation anxiety, pulling on the lead while walking, and destructive behaviour.

“I enjoy taking my dogs to the park and I saw a need in the community to help other owners,” he said.

“Most dogs are misunderstood and if someone has a genuine little problem that can be easily resolved with some little trick, I’m happy to help. It can make a world of difference…as well as potentially prevent dogs from going to the RSPCA or being dumped,” Call 0422 600 774.

Cool Advice

Dog trainer Justin Jordan warns cooler weather can cause problems for your furry friend, even increased barking.

He has tips to keep your pooch happy when the mercury plummets.

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